Rules and Conduct Policy

Dust Tactics European Championship Tournament

Rules and Conduct Policy – 2014

The tournament is played using the rules found in the Dust Tactics Rulebook (V2). Each player is to bring a 100 Army Points force, using the latest version of Dust Tactics’ unit cards.

Each participant must send its Army List before October 15th  2014 at the following address :

Rules and Conduct Policy

tom jacobMiniatures: only Dust miniatures are allowed in the tournament, proxies from other companies are not legal and won’t be accepted by the tournament organizers. Small modifications of the miniatures are allowed, as long as they don’t give an unfair advantage to the player. Each squad or vehicle must be instantly recognizable by your opponent.

Swapping the heads of the soldiers for example is allowed, as long as the weaponry carried and the unit’s role are respected. To avoid any unpleasantness or if you’re not sure, bring the regular version of the miniature with you. This will clear any problem that might arise during a match.

If you have any question, feel free to send a picture of your miniatures before the tournament to the organizers. They will tell you if it’s legal or not.

Slow playing: all tournament games should be played in a timely fashion. Dust Tactics is a fast game that lets you think about your next move while your opponent is playing. A couple of minutes are more than enough to make up your mind, and as a wise general you should follow the battle plan you made up before the start of the game!

You are held responsible, to both yourself and to all your opponents, to run your army effectively in the time frame allowed. Slow play will be monitored. Tournament judges reserve the rights to warn and/or dock players for slow play/stalling. Excessive stalling might get you kicked out of the tournament with no refund.

Late for your game: if you are not at your table before 10 minutes have passed you after the judges have announced the beginning of the Round, you will forfeit your game.

Last call: the organizers will give a fifteen minutes warning before the end of a Round. If you are about to begin a new turn, don’t, unless both opponents are certain to finish it. You can play up to the time limit and finish the activation of the player but not the turn. Ask a judge if you’re not sure.

Rules disputes and knowledge: all players should be very familiar with the rules and therefore there should not be any disputes. Please quickly contact a judge if you have any problem that you cannot resolve with your opponent.

Sportsmanship: good sportsmanship is expected from all attendees of the tournament.

Acting out against your opponent or incessantly arguing your position with a judge or any other manifestation of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Judges reserve the right to toss out players with no refund who are determined to be causing problems for judges or their opponents.

Enjoy yourself: never forget that you and your opponent are here to have fun! Dust Tactics is a game and never forget to enjoy yourself while playing it!

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Une première participation à l'organisation d'une convention de jdr en 1985 me donne le virus de l'événementiel. Ensuite, il y a eu l'ASBL les Marches de 1992 à 2000 (des GN, des animations, les bals des vampires au BIFF, les fêtes interplaines du Brabant Wallon) et aussi deux conventions "Rock & Rôles" avec déjà du jdr, des tournois qui se terminaient par des concerts (en 1999 à Court-Saint-Etienne et en 2000 à Wavre). Je rejoins l'équipe de l'ASBL Anthêsis ( en 2003 (comme chroniqueur de jeux) et une première animation jeux lors de notre premier "Pavillon des Trolls" en 2004 (devenu le Castel des Trolls en 2012). Puis en 2005, à Mons au premier Trolls et Légendes. Et enfin la première fantastique.convention des jeux (fancon) à Bruxelles (en 2006). En 2010, la fancon intègre un salon: "le Festival en Jeux", il se déroule toutes les années paires en alternance avec le Festival Trolls et Légendes. Le Festival en Jeux est en repos depuis 2016, il n'est pas dit qu'il ne va pas aller mieux plus tard. En attendant la fan.con continue son chemin lors du prochain Trolls & Légendes, les 20 et 21 avril 2019...
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4 commentaires pour Rules and Conduct Policy

  1. emilio68it dit :

    Hi to all, just a little question. Could we use not Painted miniatures?

  2. Rob dit :

    Hi, i am a beginner, and want to come and watch.
    I can’t find prices for entrance only.
    What does it cost?


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